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Griffith IN Locksmith Store Griffith, IN 219-841-5503Imagine you’re headed home after a long day’s work only to have you key breaking inside the lock and leaving you stranded outside your home. Sounds frustrating, right? Instead of getting all worked up about it, you could just call a nearby locksmith for assistance. If you’re anywhere in Griffith, IN, you can call on Griffith IN Locksmith Store’s professional locksmiths for help. We can send a locksmithing team for a lock opening procedure, and get you back inside in quick time, with no effort required on your part.

Don’t try to force the door open:

Some of our customers get frustrated when their keys break in the lock and attempt to work the lock anyway, with the use of tools they have in their pockets. We recommend you avoid trying to fiddle with the lock’s mechanism, as you could end up damaging the lock or the door itself.

Dial 219-841-5503 and call our specialists for our lock opening service instead:

Our mobile locksmith units can reach most locations in Griffith, IN within a matter of minutes – usually less than 30. We dispatch a team to your location as soon as you contact us and explain the nature of your request. Our locksmiths will then arrive at your location for lock opening and take a look at the lock that is broken or has a key stuck inside it. We carry all our tools with us that enable us to repair most locks on-site. If repairs aren’t possible, we can also offer you new high-security locks from our inventory.

Why choose us?

Experienced team

Griffith IN Locksmith Store’s locksmiths are highly-experienced, as we have been in business for close to 10 years now. They can recognize and work on all the popular locks available in the market, including the digital locks found in smart homes. They also have the know-how necessary to use the complicated tools necessary for lock opening, as well as make high-security keys on-site.

Fast response times

Our locksmiths need only a handful of minutes to arrive at most locations in Griffith. Even if you’re in a remote corner in Griffith, IN – being locked out of your car, for example – our locksmiths will be there within the hour, at the most. Also, because of the extensive experience our locksmiths have, we can handle most lock-related problems in a matter of minutes.

Our lock opening service is available 24/7. If you have a problem with the locks on your door, safes, or car, call us on 219-841-5503!